How To Build A Dental Practice Culture That Creates Patients For A Lifetime with Dr. David Moffet – Ep. 4 – Start Your Dental Practice with Jonathan VanHorn

How To Build A Dental Practice Culture That Creates Patients For A Lifetime with Dr. David Moffet – Ep. 4 – Start Your Dental Practice with Jonathan VanHorn

What sets your practice apart from others?

Your “brand”?



If that’s the case, those things don’t have an impact on what ultimately matters to the patient:

Their experience.

Today’s episode features THE expert on building the patient experience from the ground up, from the customers point-of-view.

Today’s bonus is a cheatsheet with the highlights from this episode you NEED to implement to create the “ultimate patient experience” in your practice. Click here to download that directly.

Dr. Moffet is the creator of The Ultimate Patient Experience, which is a simple set of very specific, “common sense” patient service steps being used by dentists all over the world to create unique experiences for their patients.

These experiences dramatically enhance patient visit values and increase repeat visits.

The UPE is Dr. Moffet’s “Secret Weapon” that allowed him to personally bill $1,826,445 in services in 2011, his last year of full-time work working only 4 days a week, for 37½ weeks (while he was vacationing all over the world the other 15 weeks!)

Dr. Moffet has refined and perfected this system over the last 17 years, to the point where it’s as reliable as a Swiss watch — no matter where you’re located or what kind of practice you are running.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • Designing a “customer service experience” in your dental practice
  • How Dr. Moffet has handled a shoulder injury as a clinician
  • How to know if you have a good patient experience (or setup one up if you’re new to practice ownership)
  • How patient loyalty allowed Dr. Moffet to take time off from his practice for two-three weeks at a time
  • What happened when Dr. Moffet originally tried selling his practice that created local competition to his practice
  • How Dr. Moffet’s competitors were able to siphon off personal information about his practice and use it against him
  • The difference in revenue Dr. Moffet was able to earn by finding the RIGHT consultant for his practice
  • The tough decision Dr. Moffet had to make between his families home and growing his practice
  • How Dr. Moffet sold his practice and made $2.75 million (and an additional $2 million in shares)
  • Plugging holes in your business that are leaking patients through exceptional customer service
  • The first steps Dr. Moffet would do (and measure) if he was a new Doctor entering a practice
  • The 6 critical metrics you NEED to keep growing as a practice owner
  • Which type of patients to focus on over time to grow a “patient pool” (that results in endless referrals)
  • Taking your patients from patient to friend (and how this benefits you when times get tough)
  • Why you don’t want TV’s on in your waiting room (and the negative effect they create)
  • Why your patients may be getting the wrong message from your practice (and how to correct it)
  • Matching your message with the patient experience
  • The importance of creating an environment of service and pleasure (and what your patients will think)
  • How patients will react (and what they’ll realize) when your message matches your practice’s experience
  • Why you don’t want to rush your patients out of the door after their appointment
  • Do you know what’s best for your clients? A few tips to know if so.
  • Making your core competencies stronger.
  • Why you shouldn’t base your fees on your competitors (and what to base them on instead)
  • How to charge 50% more than your competitors
  • The ONE thing Dr. Moffet would do if he were entering the dental field today (from scratch)
  • What you should look for when you’re bringing on (or inheriting) new staff members
  • How to attract patients who treat you as a service (instead of a commodity) by applying the 80/20 principle

Free Episode Bonus:

My head was spinning with some of the advice and numbers Dr. Moffet threw out there today – $4.75 million for a practice? Incredible.

I want you to be able to take action on his advice, and not just watch or listen passively.

You’re listening now, so I know you’re not that type.

For today’s bonus, I’ve collected some of the main points David made and put them into a nice cheat-sheet you can use to start taking action now.

If you don’t have a practice yet, you’re going to want to save this in a nice place with a calendar reminder to look at it when the time comes.

Click here to get the cheatsheet now.


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Creating The Ultimate Patient Experience

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