Growing A Multi-Location Practice From Scratch

Growing A Multi-Location Practice From Scratch

For most dentists, starting out is the hardest phase…

You may be an associate, trying to find an associateship opportunity that may lead into a partnership, or trying to create your business plan for starting your own dental practice.

Today’s guest, Dr. Graham Dersley has been there, and he sat down with me to share his wisdom with the Ambitious Dentist community.

Dr. Graham Dersley is a prosthodontist who has had a unique first decade in private practice.  

From being a frustrated associate, to an owner of a small FFS specialty practice, to now an owner of a growing multi-location general practice that he started from scratch, he has had the good fortune to experience a variety of practice styles.  

He has a passion for the business of dentistry and frequently posts on Dental Town about the topic.  

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • What appealed most to Dr. Dersley about dentistry
  • How Dr. Dersley went about taking over and owning his first practice
  • The tough legal conversation Dr. Dersley had to have when taking over his first practice (and some ideas for how to avoid or overcome this problem)
  • Dr. Dersley’s thoughts on setting BIG goals that are a stretch to accomplish
  • How setting big goals can sometimes lead to a feeling of disappointment
  • Why Dr. Dersley sold his first practice and decided to focus his attention elsewhere (even though business was booming and things were good)
  • What Dr. Dersley looks for in markets when he’s starting a new practice (this is for you if you are wanting to start a new practice)
  • The key thinks Dr. Dersley took away from running a successful practice, that allowed his next venture to be a success
  • The mistakes Dr. Dersley made with staffing that he had to fix in order to grow his practice and business
  • The ONE thing Dr. Dersley focuses his energy on when starting a new practice
  • How Dr. Dersley created a team that matched the culture he wanted to create in his practice
  • Why most practice owners think managing a staff is a disadvantage (and why that’s actually a HUGE leg-up as a business owner and operator)

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