How a New Dental Practice Owner can use Direct Mail to Attract Quality New Patients

September 11, 2015

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How a New Dental Practice Owner can use Direct Mail to Attract Quality New Patients

I notice some trends when it comes to marketing practices out in the wild.

And to be honest, I can immediately tell how well a practice is, or will be doing right when I see how they handle this one thing:


Some are doing an amazing job…

And many have an opportunity.

A lot of newer dentists are “all in” on social media, while others completely shy away from it.

Some practice owners don’t do a drop of marketing, while others hop at every opportunity.

When it comes to marketing your practice in the modern world, newer dentists have an advantage because they’re typically more familiar with modern marketing practices…

Or willing to figure them out.

I brought on Nina Hershberger for today’s interview to share what’s working for dental practices internationally to attract massive amount of new, high quality patients.

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Megabucks Marketing founder Nina Hershberger has been in marketing throughout her three decade professional career—even when her job description said otherwise.

After earning a marketing degree from Indiana University, she worked in positions as diverse as Director of Output Services for a very large financial company and in Procurement for the University Notre Dame.

A born marketer, Hershberger added value to her organizations by initiating ideas that increased sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars (and in some cases, millions), added profitable new business services, and raised the companies’ profiles.

In 2006, Hershberger launched Megabucks Marketing to leverage her innovative ideas into concrete results for clients.

Her specialty?

Leading companies away from the popular but ineffective “cold call, hope, and wait” approach.

Thanks to years of experience in direct response marketing, Hershberger has developed a unique method for dentists to stand out from their competition and become the local celebrity expert – even if they just started their dental practice.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • How Nina got involved in direct marketing… And how that lead her to bringing business to many dentists worldwide
  • The number 1 mistake Nina sees every practice owner make when they start mailing directly (and what you need to do to fix or avoid it)
  • The thing about lists that make them imperfect (unless they are this kind of list)
  • The direct mail piece that brought in Nina over $18,000 (you get this as a part of today’s bonus)
  • Advice I give practices over and over (and what I recommend to them when they want to pay me monthly)
  • Why the 5 senses play a MAJOR role in every dental practice (and the insanely smart thing one of Nina’s clients bakes behind the front desk that doesn’t make sense at first)
  • The game and reward system you NEED to have in place (and the items to bring it to life)
  • Why reactivation is the most important factor if you’re new and just bought a practice (and what you can learn from the auto-repair industry when it comes to getting return patients)
  • Nina’s easy (but not often implemented) tip to “cleanse” the mailing list that came with the practice you’ve taken over
  • Why social media is tough for practice owners (and one easy thing one of Nina’s practice owners does with YouTube to make their patients feel special)
  • The credibility-building secret that the youngest practice owner in North America did (and how you can produce the same warm, fuzzy feeling for your patients if you’ve acquired an existing practice)
  • The single most effective way to get your patients to know, like, and trust you (even if you’re a new or young practice owner)
  • The simplest, easiest, and cheapest thing that most practice owners WON’T do that brings in highly-targeted ideal patients in your area
  • Why the National Inquirer should play a role in your practice’s marketing message (even if you disagree with the direction of the content)
  • How to overcome being a young in the dental industry (and why it’s actually your biggest advantage when it comes to marketing)
  • Avoiding the trash can when mailing direct mail pieces
  • What happens when you send the wrong piece of direct mail to potential patients
  • How to make your marketing truly unique (and the impact that setting yourself apart can make to your patients)
  • What to do if you want to own your local area, work 20 hours a week, and earn a 6-figure income as a dentist
  • The $180 million dollar lesson you can take away from the ‘funeral trust’ business
  • The first marketing thing Nina would do if she was to start up a new practice (and a free resource she’s giving away completely free)

Free Episode Bonus:

As you heard, Nina has a genius mind and an incredible amount of experience when it comes to marketing in the dental industry…

Nina mentioned a simple yellow postcard one of her dental clients mailed to a list of just 3,000 people that brought in an additional $18,000 in revenue. To get free access to that exact piece of mail, simply click below.

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