Ep. 24 – Lessons In Hiring (And Firing) Your First Hygienist

Ep. 24 – Lessons In Hiring (And Firing) Your First Hygienist

In the dental business you have the good:

  • Working with great patients
  • Having a thriving business
  • Building a team of incredible people

And, just like in life, you have the “not-so-good”:

  • Patients that push you to the edge
  • Down months where you aren’t certain where the money is going to come from
  • Having to let go of people who aren’t the right fit in your practice

No one knows this better – and has learned from it – than Dr. Joshua Austin.

You might know Dr. Austin from his hit podcast, AcciDental Geniuses.

Dr. Austin is a speaker for reputation management, hosts of Austin Dental Seminars, and a private practice owner.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • How to tell if you’re ready to own a dental practice (and a resource to help you make the decision)
  • Why you might not want to trust even the most reputable sales person in the dental field
  • What to do if you’re doing the hygiene in your business and want to find someone to replace you (to free up your time and scale your business)
  • How to tell if one of your employees is writing fake prescriptions in your name
  • The biggest battle of running a practice (this makes everything else seem easy)
  • The bright side to letting go of people in your practice (and a movie to watch to get you ready)
  • What drove the biggest amount of traffic to Dr. Austin’s business (and why it wasn’t enough at the end of the day)
  • The surprisingly effective form of marketing most dentists avoid (or use incorrectly)
  • A modern form of reputation management that can steamroll into major success in your dental practice
  • What to do if you want your customers to spread your dental practice’s name across the town (and beat your competitors to the punch)

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  • “Knowing the technical aspect of dentistry does not make you necessarily ready to own a business.” – Dr. Johnson


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