Starting a Dental Practice

Starting a Dental Practice

When I was working in public accounting I used to dream of starting a business.

I devoured as much information as I could while honing my skills in the areas of taxation, accounting, and consulting.

At the same time I probably read 100 books on start-ups and what made entrepreneurs successful.

Friday nights meant watching Shark Tank because I might be able to glean some magic tip that would propel me into entrepreneurial stardom.

With thoughts of finding the secret to business I would devour more information than everyone else and be able to out prepare the next guy.

An old saying goes:

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

After experiencing the real-world, I realized that most of the time studying and preparing is wasted without putting it into the right context.

That quote doesn’t cover things like:

  • What goes into preparation?
  • How do you know what to prepare for?
  • What’s the secret formula for being ultra-successful?
  • Why doesn’t the case study I read before starting a business happen to me?
  • How do you prepare if you aren’t already doing it.

The truth is that being prepared will almost never trump experience.

So with that, I would say alter the quote to say:

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. (As long as you have the experience to not screw it up)”

When I started in the dental industry I wanted to learn everything I didn’t already know about how to run a successful dental practice.

Why would a CPA care about how to run a successful dental practice?

The answer is simple.

I care about my client’s success as practice owners.

I couldn’t help it.

When I knew a number was down and my client was stumped on how to solve the problem, I would reach out to consultants in the dental industry to get their take on the issue.

By the simple act of me broadcasting my message of teaching dental practices how to track their performance online – it gave me the ability to reach out to some of the dental industry’s biggest consultants and bend their ear for an hour, at no cost to my client.

I would then pass on the information to my client and if they still struggled, we’d either hire the consultant to come to the practice or we’d try something else entirely.

The client won if the numbers improved, the consultant gains a referral source (me), and I helped out my client while learning more about what works (and doesn’t work) in dental practices.

Win – Win – Win

That is the story of DentistMetrics.

Now, I feel that DentistMetrics is at a point where I can start focusing on helping a new set of dentists that I didn’t focus on before.

The Change

By broadcasting a message, I started to attract dentists that hadn’t yet started their practice ownership.

When I searched for answers for those clients, I just couldn’t seem to find enough information.

I have the contacts.

I have the ability to get people to speak with me for an hour.

So I thought, what if I recorded these conversations rather than only leaving the traces of the phone call to be left in the archives of the NSA’s database?

What if I just shared these interviews with anyone who wanted to hear them, rather than just my clients?

So I’ve created my own free resource for anyone who is either on the edge of starting a dental practice or has recently became a practice owner in the last five or ten years.

I’m proud to announce:


Start Your Dental Practice is a video show and podcast interview series that will bring you a mix of world-class consultants as well as real dental practice owners that will be able to give you insight to what worked (or didn’t work) for their dental practice.

Here are the first three episodes of the show:

  1. How To Create A Path Towards Clinical Freedom with Jayme Amos
  2. How Dr. David Maloely Used Intuition (and Marketing) To Create A Successful Dental Practice
  3. How To Avoid Embezzlement In Your Dental Practice with David Harris

An old saying that my good friend Dr. David Maloley of The Relentless Dentist Podcastfrequently says is that, “Success leaves clues”.

At the same time, remember the quote:

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. (As long as you have the experience to not screw it up)”

These interviews with consultants are going to show you what you need to know for practice ownership (preparation), they are going to give you the stories from real dental practice owners (experience), and when that opportunity becomes available, you’ll have the knowledge of experience to not screw it up.

The show is live on iTunes, Youtube, as well as this blog, so get ready to Start Your Dental Practice.

To support the show, click this link to go directly to iTunes to subscribe, rate, and leave an honest rating and review.

I’d like to personally thank you, so please let me know when you’ve subscribed, rated, and reviewed.

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