Accounting for dentists


What if you had an extra 20 hours per month to spend on your dental practice?

That’s over half a working day per week! And when you outsource your practice's accounting needs to Tooth & Coin, we can give you back that time. So what are you struggling with?

Get your time back with
Tooth & Coin.

Are your books a mess?

We run the numbers. You run your practice.

As a dentist, you’re trained to understand the mouth and teeth, not how to run a business. That’s why it’s no surprise that the dentists we work with often need help figuring out how profitable the business actually is and if they’re reaching financial goals. The first step is acknowledging that you need a hand. The next step is contacting Tooth & Coin so we can help you understand your business.

Business is complicated.
Tooth & Coin isn’t.

Let’s get down to business.

Automated Accounting

Enhanced Reporting

Dedicated Account Manager

Training, Support & Processing

Automation is one of the keys to making your financial life easier. Much like how you would set up automatic payments for your bills, or have part of your income automatically transferred to a savings account or investment plan, we like to incorporate automation into our processes to streamline our work and give you a clear picture of your practice's financial health. 

We automatically update our software at least once every 2 weeks to ensure we're working with your most accurate practice numbers. This data can be pulled at any time for anything from a quick check-in to a deep analysis. And with cloud access, you can see exactly how your practice is doing wherever there’s an internet connection.

Our job is not only to handle your accounting, but to educate you on your business. With our accounting software (and optional payroll software) we can track your profit flow and see where and how dollars are being spent. We turn this information into a custom Practice Report that answers the four most critical questions our clients have about their businesses:

  1. How profitable are we?
  2. How well did we spend our money?
  3. How much cash did we profit?
  4. Where did our money go?

Your personalized Practice Report brings clarity to your practice numbers and helps you understand the true state of your business. It breaks down the numbers so you can quickly see if you’re on track to hit your financial goals for the year. If you’re missing the mark, you’ll see if and where you can cut back. It also puts our team in the best position to create accurate tax returns and find you more deductions and savings at tax time.

When you outsource your accounting needs to Tooth & Coin, we’ll introduce you to a dedicated Account Manager who will act as your point of contact. You’re highly encouraged to reach out to your Account Manager for anything from a quick question to an urgent need. Whatever it is, you can feel confident that your Account Manager will lead the charge to ensure your call is addressed.

Outside of your point of contact, your accounting work is done by a small, dedicated team of experienced CPAs. These people live and breathe numbers, and communicate regularly with your Account Manager about your business. Rest assured that when your Account Manager doesn’t have the answer, they have access to a team of accounting professionals who do. We’re just a phone call away, and we’re happy to answer any questions, any time.

By educating our clients and their teams on basic filing procedures, we can give them greater autonomy and control of their businesses. We can train you or someone on your team to gather documentation and file:

  • 1099 employment forms
  • Sales & use tax forms
  • Employee payroll

If you’re more comfortable, we can also process forms and payroll on your behalf to ensure everything goes to the right place and the right person at the right time. And if you ever have a question about unemployment, 401k compliance, Worker’s Compensation audits, or general payroll processes, we offer support and education. Just reach out to your Account Manager and we’ll help you understand what you need to know.

Leave the number crunching to us.