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Dr. Geoff West

Dr. Alex Sharp

Sharp Family Dentistry

Dr. Joshua Wyatt

Dr. Dane Christensen

Fruita Family Dental

Dr. Ashraf Seif

Baytown Gentle Dental

"As a new practice owner, I really looked to Tooth & Coin to guide me through the challenges of building my practice. Jonathan was great in helping me understand my numbers and budget analysis. As a result, we are well on our way to profitability."

Dr. Tatiana Lucas

Prime Dental PA

"Running a business and trying to figure everything out is overwhelming at first. Rebecca and Jonathan answer my questions faster than I have time to respond to them. [Tooth & Coin ] is awesome and doing a great job! [They] have exceeded our expectations for absolutely everything."

Dr. Liza Lundy

Lundy Dental

"Jonathan and Tooth & Coin have been instrumental in helping me have peace of mind while opening my dental practice. Always willing to go a step above whenever we need help making any business decisions. It means so much to have someone on your team that you can be confident has your best interests at heart."

Dr. Ted Pinney

Ted M. Pinney DDS Complete Family Dentistry

"Tooth & Coin provides so much more than basic accounting. Now I can make business decisions more confidently. My entire career I have wanted an accountant that would keep me up to date with important numbers in my practice. Tooth & Coin has finally provided this service."

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