Handling payroll at your dental practice


What is payroll?

Most dental practice owners are familiar with payroll. You may be taking care of it yourself, or you’ve handed off the responsibility to your trusted office manager. Payroll refers to the wages, salaries and bonuses that each employee is entitled to receive for time worked. Sometimes job titles and tasks are different and require different payment. Sometimes years of experience are considered when negotiating pay. Whatever the amounts, it’s important to handle this task with care. Employees perform at their best when they can rely on a steady income. Tooth & Coin can help you process and fulfill your payroll commitments.

Why you should outsource payroll to Tooth & Coin

Looking for help with your practice’s payroll?

How Tooth & Coin can help you with dental practice payroll needs

Payroll Training & Support

Processing Payroll & 401k

Bonus Structures

If you’re handing off payroll duties to a new employee, or you’re trying to figure things out yourself, Tooth & Coin can help. We can train you and your team on proper documentation and filing processes to ensure everyone gets their paycheck on time. 

With our Payroll Support service, we’re always available to guide you through payroll issues, like Worker’s Compensation audits, unemployment questions, and 401k compliance. Plus, your dedicated Account Manager can answer any questions you may have or find a team member who can provide you with more detailed information.

You went to dental school to practice dentistry, not to process payroll. If you need to handoff duties, our team is happy to process payroll and 401k remittance on your behalf. As long as you or a trusted and trained team member submit payroll numbers to your Account Manager at least 24 hours in advance of deadlines, we can take care of processing and fulfillment.

Incentives are a great way to motivate your team. They also attract top talent. Tooth & Coin can help you design bonus structures that align with your budget. By handling your accounting and payroll, along with our optional payroll software, we’ll have a clear line of sight to any extra funds and can show you what’s possible for your hard-working employees.

Leave the number crunching to us.