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No matter who you are, tooth & coin is dedicated to your success

Tooth & Coin is a dental accounting and coaching CPA firm that is dedicated to helping dentists successfully navigate their businesses. With intimate knowledge of a competitive dental landscape, we allow dentists at every stage of practice ownership to completely outsource and automate their accounting and tax needs.

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Whatever your practice type, Tooth & Coin offers the same great service.

Get clarity on the books of your dental practice

Stay aware of potential tax burdens

Set goals for your practice and employees

Keep your practice on track to achieve goals

Face practice challenges head-on

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Dental Practice

From basic accounting and tax services to business coaching, advisory and education, Tooth & Coin has the services and resources to help you run the business side of your dental practice.

taxes for dental practices

Taxes are a completely different animal when you become a business owner. Our team of dental CPAs specializes in dental practice ownership and commonly find over $50,000 in tax savings opportunities for dentists who are new to tax planning. We'll find the deductions you never knew to look for!

Tackle Your Taxes

Dental Practice Accounting

Leave the number crunching to us! When you outsource your accounting to Tooth & Coin, you can set better practice goals and save 15-20 hours per month. You'll be able to refocus that time toward your dental practice and do more of what you love.

Crunch the numbers

profit advisory for dentists

Running a business is tough, especially when your focus is on providing exceptional dental care to your patients. Profit Advisory offers a hands-on approach to help you achieve your financial goals. From creating budgets to implementing bonus structures Tooth & Coin keeps you on track.

Hit your goals


Did dental school teach you how to run a business? Of course it didn't. That's exactly why Tooth & Coin Academy offers a library of video content, tutorials, and training materials that will educate you on the fundamentals of business ownership. It's everything you didn't learn in dental school.

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