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Tax deductions are there for a reason. So why not use them? From maximizing medical benefits to choosing the right business entity, there are all sorts of ways that you could be saving more on your dental business taxes. Tooth & Coin is here to help you find those potential savings so you can invest more back into your business. 

Not sure where to start? Take a look at these business tax facts for dentists.


3 things every dentist should know about business taxes

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Think about what you could do with an extra $50k toward your business. It’s not uncommon for the team at Tooth & Coin to find up to $50,000 in deductions for dental practice owners during tax time. And it’s no wonder! Our CPAs are experts in the dental field and stay up-to-date on the tax laws that affect you.

Most business owners needs to pay an estimated tax ever quarter. But it can be difficult to accurately predict how much you owe. You may even want to skip the exercise all together and just pay them at the end of the year. Don’t risk fines by ignoring your estimated tax obligations. Tooth & Coin can help you stay on track.

No dentist wants to be audited. We don’t care for tax audits either. That’s why we’re so diligent in our process. We want every dental practice owner who chooses to work with us to feel confident that they’re receiving our best and most ethical work. 

And if you do receive a tax notice the IRS in a year that we prepared your taxes, you can rest assured that our team will take care of it. Tooth & Coin will draft responses on your behalf and get things resolved quickly.

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