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Profit Advisory goes beyond offering financial clarity. It’s for business owners who have specific goals to achieve, and need an extra hand to stay on task. So what’s your goal?

Don’t just run your business. Grow it.

Have aspirations, but not sure where to start?

Hit all your financial goals. We’ll show you how.

Everyone at Tooth & Coin understands numbers. That’s why we became CPAs. It’s also why we’re qualified to help you reach your financial goals. We can provide you with advice and resources on anything from budgeting to goal-setting. More than that, we can help you figure out what to do with your money once your business takes off. From recommendations on business intelligence tools to helping you track your progress on goals, Profit Advisory is perfect for dentists who need a little extra attention to achieve their dreams.

We’re your business goal gurus.

Helping you hit your practice goals one step at a time.

Goal-Setting, Budgeting, & Consulting

Bonuses & 401k Plan

Tips & Insights

We begin each year with a goal-setting session to discuss what you want to achieve and how you’ll reach your revenue goals. This plan is fleshed out with budgets that we set up for key areas of the business. Your custom Practice Reports will show you exactly where you’re spending your money compared to profits generated. This tends to be an eye-opening experience for our clients that motivates them to progress toward their established financial goals. 

Our team will follow-up throughout the year to help you track your progress. And when your dental practice is making a profit, we can help you better understand how to handle the income. From credit card processing fees and rewards, money market accounts, and debt deletion, we’ll advise you on your best options. 

At the end of the year, you can request an annual personal financial statement prepared by the Tooth & Coin team. This statement helps determine whether or not your personal finances are aligning with your business goals.

You’ve worked hard to become one of the best dentists around, and that means you deserve to work with the best. Employee benefits, like bonus structures and 401k plans, make your dental practice a desirable place to work and attracts top talent. 

Bonus and incentive plans are huge motivators for employees. We help design bonus structures that improve employee productivity while maintaining practice profitability and quality care. Plus, we’ll help you calculate the bonus each employee is entitled to when your team hits their goals.

In the spirit of education, Tooth & Coin sends out a monthly newsletter filled with helpful tips on everything from taxes to practice management. It also contains important tax law updates so you’ll know what to expect for next year. We also include vendor spotlights, like DentalIntel, a top-rated business intelligence tool, as well as updates on the Tooth & Coin team.

Don’t just take any advice. Take the right advice.