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How to Build 401k Plans & Bonus Structures for Your Team

Rewards and incentives are a great way to keep employees motivated. But the positives don’t end there. Fringe benefits will attract the most talented employees. A smart candidate will be entertaining multiple job offers. The benefits at your office, including 401k plans and bonus structures, could set you apart from the average dental practice. 
Make sure that your job offer is the most attractive one out there.

3 benefits of fringe benefits for your dental practice

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Tooth & Coin can help you set up 401k plans and bonus structures

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Bonus Structures

Small businesses are like families. These are the people whose collective efforts are making your dreams a reality. So while they take care of you, make sure you take care of them. 401k plans for your employees are a great way to show that you prioritize your team’s livelihood and financial security. Help them thrive by calling Tooth & Coin to set up 401k plans for your staff.

When employees are fairly compensated, they feel inspired to do their best work. Yearly bonuses improve productivity and efficiency throughout the office as employees are motivated to hit their goals. And by building your bonus structure into your budget, you can plan ahead and save yourself any surprises at the end of the year. The team at Tooth & Coin can help you design an incentive plan that keeps your staff motivated and your margins high.

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