Episode 32 – Dental Practice Marketing Tactics That Work In The Modern Age with Jake Puhl

Episode 32 – Dental Practice Marketing Tactics That Work In The Modern Age with Jake Puhl

Dental equipment is constantly evolving, and your phone constantly rings with salespeople trying to get you to buy the latest technology.

You don’t need all the latest bells and whistles to run a profitable business.

But what you do need in today’s digital age is a marketing plan that reflects the latest trends.

If you want for your business to be around in the next twenty years, you can no longer rely strictly on referrals.

Today’s guest, Jake Puhl, understands the power of the internet. It can be the difference between a sustainable (and profitable) business, and one struggling to keep their head above water.

His marketing tactics have helped dentists grow from zero to $5 million dollars in revenue (or in one dentist’s case, from $1.2 million to $8 million).

Jake is the co-founder of Firegang Digital Marketing, a SEO and Google analytics expert, and an Amazon best-selling author.

If you want to learn more about effectively marketing your business online, this bonus is a great place to start. It’s a free copy of How To Get Dental Clients With The Power Of The Web. Get that here.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The biggest mistakes dentists make with their marketing
  • A traditional method of growing a dental practice that will no longer hold a practice up (and a modern marketing strategy you need to stay in the game)
  • The key to a reputation marketing program that generates great reviews
  • Why being on top of your numbers and processes is important (and how your marketing dollars will go to waste if you don’t pay attention to them)
  • Why getting new clients shouldn’t be your only priority
  • The main metric you need to look at when working with any marketing company
  • The biggest differentiators that will give online traffic a compelling reason to choose your practice
  • How to “buy low” when acquiring a practice
  • What a retargeting ad is (and why it’s so powerful)
  • The key factor for online traffic analytics that you should zero in on (that many marketing companies don’t look at)
  • What a longtail keyword is (and how this impacts your online visibility)
  • Recent changes to Google ads (and what that means for your business)
  • Best practices to run good ads (that Google will reward you for)
  • A covert way to scan your competition in an area you’re looking to start or acquire a practice

Free Episode Bonus:

If you got a lot out of today’s episode, and want to learn more, this bonus is perfect for you.

There are tons of marketing companies fighting for your business, but not many that know dentistry like Firegang does.

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  • “When it comes to marketing a practice it’s really an execution game.” -Jake Puhl
  • “If you wanna be around in twenty years, knowing and understanding your numbers is absolutely paramount.” – Jonathan VanHorn


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