Episode 31 – How To Market Your Dental Practice (The Smart Way) with Mark Dilatush

Episode 31 – How To Market Your Dental Practice (The Smart Way) with Mark Dilatush

Having a successful dental practice comes down to one thing:

Keeping your dental chair filled.

Keep that chair filled week after week, year after year, and you’ll be profitable and have the opportunity to scale.

An important key to having steady clientele is marketing.

But the problem with many marketing strategies is that they are generic.

What works for a neighborhood restaurant may not work for a dentist.

That’s why you need someone who understands the dental world well enough to know how to measure the metrics that will give you the best results.

In this show, Mark Dilatush shares some little-known insight that can save you from throwing away marketing dollars that won’t work.

Mark is partner and president of New Patients Inc, a full service marketing firm that specializes in dentistry.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The two marketing segments that determine if a new patient comes to see you because they want to save money (or because they value your services)
  • The number of appointments needed to go full time when you’re first getting started
  • The only thing you should base a startup budget on
  • Why some startups take (painfully) forever to get going
  • The reason why banks are quick to lend money to startup practices (despite the risk of it failing)
  • The hidden truth about the marketing budget for a startup (and a valuable piece of advice to make sure you fill the seats needed for the practice to survive)
  • How to mitigate the high cost of a startup
  • A smart way to partner with local businesses to grow your client base faster
  • The reason why hiring a marketing company is often ineffective
  • The risk of sending the same message to your entire marketing sphere

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  • “Anything you sell is based on the benefits, not the features.”
  • “Hoping is not a marketing strategy.”


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