Ep. 19 – How to Grow a Dental Practice to $5 Million a Year in Collections (And produce $15,000 a day)

Ep. 19 – How to Grow a Dental Practice to $5 Million a Year in Collections (And produce $15,000 a day)

In 1997, the internet was understood by few, and utilized for it’s marketing potential by even less.

Seeing the opportunity at hand, today’s guest went all-in on his online marketing efforts and went on to create a multi-million dollar a year dental empire.

Dr. Williams is in private practice working two days a week in the group practice he founded, Suwanee Dental Care.

He is highly productive (averaging over $15,000 per day in the office) and teaches other dentists to be more capable of doing the same.

His coaching and consulting firm, Solstice Dental Advisors, helps dentists discover how to double their practices by implementing proven marketing, management, efficiency and leadership skills.

His new book, Marketing the Million Dollar Practice, debuted in 2014 and went to the top of Amazon.com as the #1 Best Seller in Dentistry and #15 among all books on marketing.

He runs the Solstice 5M Masters Academy and the 5M Dental Mastermind. He is a partner in the Dental Implant Marketing Formula, a system for generating high end, big case dentistry patients. His expertise is in dental systems and dental marketing.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The danger of only getting good at one thing (and why you may want to consider diversifying your dentistry skill set)
  • How to start a dental practice from scratch (with no existing customer base)
    Why you need to start building a funnel for your practice right now
  • The power of investing in your marketing early on (and how it draws the right customer into your practice)
  • What’s working RIGHT NOW in marketing (and exactly how it works)
  • The downside to some types of masterminds that you want to avoid (and the type of mastermind that actually provides helpful information without competing with other members in the group)

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Dr. Williams was gracious enough to offer a FREE section of his bestselling book Marketing The Million Dollar Practice as well as information about his exclusive mastermind.

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Quotes :

  • “You stack a bunch of different tools on top of each other and eventually there’s nothing you can’t do.” – Dr. Williams
  • “I believe you should good at one thing, then get good at another thing.” – Dr. Williams
  • “You’ll double the speed at which you grow if you become a pillar in the community.” – Dr. Williams
  • “One of the secrets to success is not saying no all the time.” – Dr. Williams
  • “Plans are worthless. But planning is essential.” – Winston Churchill


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