The $0 Down Startup Dental Practice with Dr. Howard Farran – Ep. 18

The $0 Down Startup Dental Practice with Dr. Howard Farran – Ep. 18

It’s common thinking in business that you should pick a location with tons of people – but that can be misleading.

Yes, you want access to a lot of people you can potentially help…

But what if there’s a lot of competition already there?

When it comes to starting your dental practice, you have to be strategic with where you setup or take over a dental practice.

That’s one of the many things I love about today’s guest, Dr. Howard Farran.

Dr. Farran started his dental career by thinking strategically and opening a practice in a community that numerically made sense…

With $0 down.

He’s no small name in our industry as the founder of Dental Town – the premier forum for the dental industry to collaborate.

On top of that, Dr. Farran has achieved high acclaim over the years for his philosophy and efforts to fluoridate the waters of the Phoenix community.

You’ll quickly know why Dr. Farran is such a sought after name in the dental industry.

In today’s bonus, you’ll get the highlights from Dr. Farran’s advice, and action steps to implement immediately. Click here to download that now.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The “sandbox” event that led to the creation of Dental Town
  • How Howard used insanely basic market research to find the exact target market he wanted to work with in his practice
  • How to get your first dental office and ALL necessary equipment for $0 down
  • How Howard and his team know exactly what dentists around the world are dying to read and know about
  • The lesson Sam Walton taught Howard about how to treat demographics (and how to best serve a target market)
  • How to ethically charge more (and double your profit in the process)
  • The brilliant location strategy Howard used that made “veteran” dentists laugh at him (at first)

Free Episode Bonus:

Dr. Farran absolutely full of great business and dental wisdom that I wish everyone was exposed to.

In today’s bonus, you’ll be able to remember the highlights of Howard’s advice and start implementing it immediately.

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  • “If you get 100 dentists in the room, everyone’s a student.” – Howard Ferran
  • “Not one dentist has the answer to everything.” – Howard Ferran
  • “People say I got lucky because I found a town 1,000 away and signed a lease without ever being in the city before.” – Howard Ferran
  • “Get out there and run for mayor.” – Howard Ferran
  • “Customer service is always innovated in the rural areas.” – Howard Ferran


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Bonus Section

Highlights & Action steps from Dr. Farran

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