Episode 36 – What Every Dentist Needs To Know (That You Won’t Learn In Dental School) with Dr. David Rice

Episode 36 – What Every Dentist Needs To Know (That You Won’t Learn In Dental School) with Dr. David Rice

Dental school will teach you how everything there is to know about oral hygiene:

  • Proper care of teeth
  • Correctly use of dental instruments
  • How to administer treatments

But it won’t teach you how to run a business:

  • How to manage people (both patients and employees)
  • How to manage debt
  • How to make a business profitable

Today’s guest, Dr. David Rice, realizes this, and has created a community that teaches members what you don’t learn in dental school.

In this show, he shares some amazing insight on little-known tips that are sure to propel your business and speed up the road to prosperity.

Dr. Rice is the practice owner of East Amherst Dental Center in New York, and founder and creator of Ignite DDS, an education platform that prepares you for true success.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • What you must know in order to become a leader (this will help you develop great systems and stay on course)
  • Why hiring someone with several years of experience shouldn’t be a priority (and what you should be looking for instead)
  • A reason to always carry business cards (it isn’t just to draw new patients)
  • An amazing tip to recruit the best talent (from places you hadn’t thought of before)
  • A major obstacle for young professionals (that can be discouraging and maybe even crush hopes of owning a practice)
  • A valuable thing to have if you’re moving to a new place
  • The number one thing to do if you’re a young dentist looking to build your team
  • Something to keep in mind if you’re intimidated by the idea of reaching out to people who are more successful than you are (who can offer valuable advice and connect you with other great people)
  • What Doctoritis is (and how it can rob you of living the American Dream)

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As you heard, being successful in this business isn’t about how good of a dentist you are.

Yes, it’s important, but how you manage people matters even more.

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“You don’t build a business, you build people. And then those people build your business for you.” -Dr. David Rice


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