A Step By Step Guide to Renegotiating Your Dental Insurance Contracts, With Sandi Hudson from Unlocktheppo.com

January 21, 2015


A Step By Step Guide to Renegotiating Your Dental Insurance Contracts, With Sandi Hudson from Unlocktheppo.com

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.”

Well in dentistry there’s one more certainty; dental insurance companies are a pain to work with.  Unless of course you love being put on hold and listening to elevator music.

Between understanding your patient’s insurance, your contracts, differences in state laws, changes to medical acts, and being sure that the big guys don’t squeeze practices out of business; there’s a lot to handle.

While creating a guide that walks a practice owner through the intricacies of making sure their fee schedules are optimized, I came to the insurance contracts portion of the fee schedule equation.

Quite frankly, I was a bit befuddled on how to make sure every contract was optimized.  I needed help.

So I reached out to Sandi Hudson from Unlock the PPO.

The insight I received from Sandi’s years of expertise behind negotiating insurance contracts was invaluable.

I knew I had to get all of this information into one place to give back to all of my readers and the other dental professionals out there, so we scheduled a follow-up interview.

In this interview we discussed in great detail:

  • How to Prepare For Your Insurance Negotiations
  • How to Make the First Phone Call to the Insurance Company
  • How to Decide on Eliminating or Adding New Insurance Plans

The good news is that all of this information was recorded and available to you at no cost.

As a special bonus, I repackaged the information into a “How To Renegotiate Your Dental Insurance Contracts” guide that you will also receive once you sign up to receive the recording.

This will be your cheat sheet that you can print off and store for future reference.

If you accept dental insurance in your practice, are considering switching dental insurance companies, are wanting to find a new way to look at your dental insurance contracts, or are just curious about dental insurances in general; you HAVE to listen to this interview.

You can download a pdf version of the guide and listen to the entire interview here:

Click Here to View the Interview and Download the Guide

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