Episode 35: How To Put Your Dental Startup On Auto-Pilot with Dr. Van De Vyver

April 16, 2016


Episode 35: How To Put Your Dental Startup On Auto-Pilot with Dr. Van De Vyver

As a dental practice owner, there are so many things you can be doing to grow your business…yet so little time.

One of the beautiful things about technology is that you can put it to use even when you’re not working (or working on something else).

Just ask today’s guest, Dr. Shawn Van De Vyver.

Dr. Van De Vyver has mastered the art of automation, so that he can stay top of mind with new and existing patients (and provide them with personalized experiences that keeps them coming back).

Dr. Van De Vyver is the owner of Great Lakes Dentistry and creator of practiceinapod.com, a tool that helps dentists find the best learning resources to build their business.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The types of patients you DON’T want and should gladly let go (so that you can focus on the patients you DO want)
  • The most successful way to transition patients from one location to another
  • A tech tool that will give you better long-term results than mailers
  • How to personalize new patient experiences
  • A time-efficient way to train new employees (so that you can spend more time on money-making tasks)
  • How marketing your practice is like dating
  • How to stay in touch with existing patients (with little effort)
  • A way to increase positive online reviews (to remain relevant and attract new patients who use reviews to make decisions)
  • How to quickly get a review website up
  • An automation tool that saves staff time and reduces patient no-shows

Free Episode Bonus:

Many people will check reviews before they decide to step through your doors. Reviews are a reflection of the work you’re doing. They are feedback for your business (wanted or unwanted).

If you want to get more positive reviews for your business so that you attract more online traffic, today’s bonus will help you with that.

The tough reality is that people are quick to tell the world about a negative experience, while most of those with a positive one aren’t as compelled to post a review.

With Dr. Van De Vyver’s Super Awesome 5-Star Review Getting Letter, you have an opportunity to change that. You can ask your customers for their feedback directly through email. If their experience wasn’t great, you have a chance to make it right; and if it was, you can encourage them to share it online.

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  • “Automation allows you to do a whole lot more with a whole lot less.” – Dr. Van De Vyver


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