Episode 51: Website Essentials For Your Dental Practice with Mike Pedersen

October 2, 2016


Episode 51: Website Essentials For Your Dental Practice with Mike Pedersen

It’s no secret that virtually every potential patient for your practice spends hours online searching for the “perfect dentist” before picking up the phone.

Taking your website seriously can truly be the difference between struggling month to month or having your phones ring nonstop.

Today’s guest Mike Pederson, founder of The Dental Boost, has helped hundreds of practice owners perfect their website and make them stand out online.
He know’s exactly what it takes to build a website that stands out and brings in clients day after day. In our conversation we dive deep into SEO, Facebook marketing, and online marketing strategies.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The mindset of the average customer browsing the web for a dentist.
  • How to position your phone number to skyrocket your SEO.
  • The importance of “call to actions” on your website.
  • How to know if your website is designed for success.
  • The most important metric to track for your website.
  • One minor tweak that can significantly improve your website.
  • Why generic stock photos could hurt your business, and what photos to use instead.
  • The type of media you NEED on your website.
  • 3 usability Issues your website probably has and how to fix them.
  • How Facebook marketing could drastically your business.
  • The most important page on your website.
  • Why your website is essential in building trust.

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If you enjoyed today’s episode, you’ll love Mike’s Free Dental Marketing Report Bonus. In which Mike breaks down the essential elements and strategies of the perfect website and online marketing strategy.

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“Your website is your online storefront.”Mike Pedersen


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