Episode 37 – The Best Accounting Software For A Dental Practice

Episode 37 – The Best Accounting Software For A Dental Practice

Decisions are part of of every business…

And with every decision made brings an outcome.

The best way to get a desired outcome is being enabled to make an informed decision.

This is where having the right processes come into place.

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about the best accounting software for your dental practice.

This episode is a self hosted episode where I share with you my thoughts on the current accounting software available for a dental practice and why you need it to run your business successfully.

If you like today’s show, you’ll enjoy the bonus following. It’s my personal Chart of Accounts Template. Get that here.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The definition of accounting (and why you need a good accounting system for your business)
  • How dental practices did their accounting 10 years ago
  • The new and improved way you can start recording your transactions (so that you save tons of time and have a system in place)
  • Desktop accounting software vs Cloud accounting systems
  • Why you should consider a cloud accounting system (and why I strongly recommend this)

Free Episode Bonus:

If you loved today’s episode, then you’re going to enjoy the bonus I’ve prepared for you.

Today’s bonus is our internal chart of accounts that we use for dental practices. We adjust this according to each practice that comes on, to be able to mold it to what each practice needs. But this is what we start off with with all our accounting clients.

A chart of accounts is the starting point that you can use to import into your software. It is done in excel format and you can just import into your software easily.

Click here to access that now.


  • Accounting is simply to have a process of recording economics to help you make informed decisions. – Jonathan VanHorn


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Bonus Section

My personal Chart of Accounts Template

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