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Since we launched the Start Your Dental Practice show just a few short years ago, the SYDP podcast has become way more than just a podcast... it has become a community of aspiring and experienced dental practice owners from all over the world. And I couldn't be more grateful for all the connections that have been made over the years.

With over 80+ episodes on the books, one of the biggest questions I get from new listeners (and seasoned fans of the show) is "what are the best episodes I should download?"

So today, I wanted to compile a list of the 10 of the most popular episodes of the Start Your Dental Practice podcast.

While you can't go wrong listening to any of our 80+ episodes, this list is a great place to start.

But before I share the list... I have a quick request.

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Who Should I Have On The Show?

I'm looking to schedule many more amazing guests on the show and would love your input. If you could please take this [literal] 2-minute survey on how I could make the show better for you, I'd be incredibly grateful.

It's been an honor to have some of the brightest minds in the dental and marketing space on the show and I look forward to connecting with even more guests while having them bring you as much value as they possibly can.

I can't promise I can get every recommendation booked, but assuming they are a good fit for the SYDP community, I'll do my best. :

Please take the short survey here.

Now here's the list of some of the most popular episodes...

Here are some of the most popular episodes in SYDP history.

[EPISODE 44] How To Get The Best Return On Your Marketing Dollars with Jeremy Reeves 

[EPISODE 43] What Dental School Won’t Teach You About Your Finances With Dr. Tom Larkin

[EPISODE 62] Cracking The SEO code with Mike Pederson 

[EPISODE 61] Why Your Dental Practice Needs A Strategic Plan With John Cotton 

[EPISODE 60] How To Choose The Right Location For Your Dental Practice With Scott McDonald 

[EPISODE 69] Delivering Wow In Your Dental Practice With Dr. Anissa Holmes 

[EPISODE 1] How To Open A Dental Practice with Jayme Amos 

[EPISODE 7] The Secret To Growing A Multi-Location Practice From Scratch with Graham Dersley

[EPISODE 78] Ambitious Dentist Mastermind Expert Q&A with Dr. Mark Costes

[EPISODE 73] Hiring, Culture, And Getting Things Done In Your Dental Practice With Ashlee Evans 

If you're new to the show, or just want a refresh on the best of SYDP, gives these episodes a listen.

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I really hope you enjoyed the roundup of some of the most popular Start Your Dental Practice episodes. As a bonus for today, I wanted to share my 5 favorite books that will help you grow your practice. 

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Click here to discover my 5 favorite books to help you grow your practice.

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