Episode 38 – Bringing The Disney Experience To Your Dental Practice

Episode 38 – Bringing The Disney Experience To Your Dental Practice

I felt inspired to do this episode after a trip to Disney World with my family.

It was the end of tax season, and probably the most appropriate time for us to disconnect from the business and have fun as a family.

We were there for 7 days and the experience is phenomenal.

Here’s the thing about Disney:

It gives a complete experience from start to finish, for anyone who’s been there. It leaves memories and stories for families to tell for years to come.

How can this translate to your dental practice?

I shared my entire experience in this episode and how we can use this to grow our practice and give your patients the best experience they can have so that they will look forward to visiting you every single time.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • What’s unique about the Disney experience (and why people are willing to spend tons of dollars for it)
  • What Disney does extraordinarily well (and how it compares to our dentist practice)
  • How Disney builds up the experience even before you get to the park (this is priceless when applied to your practice’s customer experience)
  • Preparing a customer to get the best experience at the park
  • Taking away the stress from the customer
  • How employees play a huge role in your business


  • “Your staff can make your ship sell or sink.” – Jonathan VanHorn
  • “The key is to hire employees that exhibit the behaviors that best align to your company’s values.” – Jonathan VanHorn
  • “Think about the things that are adding stress, think about the things that you can add value to, think about the things you can do to help your patients come in to see you, and have a good experience.”- Jonathan VanHorn
  • “If Disney – at that massive scale – can figure it out, at small scale, we can figure it out for our dental practices.”- Jonathan VanHorn


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