Corruption. Leadership. And Personal Growth As A Dental Practice Owner – Episode 17

Corruption. Leadership. And Personal Growth As A Dental Practice Owner – Episode 17

Today’s guest has seen it all.

Marilee Sears comes from a “dental household” and watched her father run his dental practice as she grew up…

Which gives her a unique advantage and perspective.

Nowadays, Marilee uses her strengths to specifically help dentists put the right systems in place so they can focus on what’s really important: work, family, and friends.

Marilee helps dentists through private and group coaching to break through the 7 figure mark while reducing stress and making the process as fun as possible.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • How Marilee’s father played a HUGE role in her becoming the “systems” person to dentists across the world.
  • The thing that was said in front of dental students at a local event that upset the industry (and the problem posed by corporate dentistry having a presence in dental schools)
  • Why it’s a GOOD thing that the dental industry is highly competitive (and why you can still make a ton of money if you go about it the right way)
  • Natural leadership as a dentist. Is it natural or a teachable skill?
  • The breakthrough moment Marilee had that reshaped her career, business, and life.
  • One of the biggest ways to get further as a dental practice owner (and why this was the best investment Marilee and I have made).
  • What sets apart the dentists who succeed from those who don’t

Free Episode Bonus:

Marilee hosts a show of her own, called “The Future Of Dentistry”, but handles it a little differently than I do this podcast.

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  • “Don’t think that schools are inviting people with your best interest in mind.” – Marilee Sears
  • “The defining factor of successful dentists is that they’re focused on becoming great leaders.” – Jonathan VanHorn
  • “The opportunity for both personal growth and profit is huge… And the two go hand in hand.” – Marilee Sears
  • “I believe that every practice problem is actually a personal problem that’s been magnified.” – Marilee Sears
  • “We have more power than we realize we have.” – Marilee Smith
  • “If you’re doing it on your own, and your working too hard, you’re doing it wrong.” – Marilee Sears
  • “You don’t climb Mt. Everest in a day.” – Jonathan VanHorn
  • “Each of us is here for a reason… that reason isn’t just to drill and fill. It’s to connect with people and touch people. And thats the best thing that happens in dentistry.” – Marilee Sears


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Bonus Section

Marilee's "The Future Of Dentistry" Interviews (not available anywhere else).

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