Episode 69: Delivering Wow In Your Dental Practice With Dr. Anissa Holmes

Episode 69: Delivering Wow In Your Dental Practice With Dr. Anissa Holmes


Running a successful dental practice is incredibly difficult.

Day in and day out, you’re juggling marketing, budgets, growing your team.. and a million other things on your always expanding todo list.

I get it.

And yet… at the end of the day, as a practice owner, you have to remember, you’re in the SERVICE industry.

Which means, everything you do should be focused on providing the best service you possibly can.

Because ultimately that’s what keeps the lights on.

Which unfortunately, many dentists often forget.

Today I’m excited to share my conversation with Dr. Anissa Holmes from Delivering Wow. You may remember her from episode 9 of the SYDP podcast where she shared her insight on how to get the most out of Facebook.

We recently had a chance to reconnect at the Voices of Dentistry Summit and I knew I had to have her back on the show. I’m absolutely blown away with what’s she’s been able to accomplish since we last sat down to chat.

As cliche as it might sound, she really delivers the wow in this one and shares exactly how to do the same for your practice.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • What “delivering wow” means to Anissa,  and how you can apply it to your own practice.
  • Anissa’s expansion to teaching, and how it’s also helped accelerate her own practice.
  • Her decision process on whether to purchase another practice.
  • How to grow your practice and WORK LESS (yes, it’s true.)
  • The systems and team you need to fast track your growth.
  • How  to increase your “Luck” through discipline.
  • The power of “reverse engineering” and how it applies to you.

And much more.

Free Episode Bonus

A special thanks to Anissa for coming on the show. As she has proven time and time again, by over delivering in your practice and life, you can blow your competition out of the water and deliver an experience that your patients won’t ever forget.

If you want to “deliver wow” in your own practice, you’ll love her free delivering wow roadmap checklist. She goes through dozens of things you can do TODAY, to create the best possible experience for your your practice.

It goes without saying, she’s one of the very few who actually practice what the preach, and I know you’ll get a ton out of the roadmap.

Click here to get the checklist.


  • “I’ve grown my practice.. and work less.” – Dr. Anissa Holmes
  • “A great experience matters.” – Dr. Anissa Holmes


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Delivering Wow Roadmap Checklist

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