How To Prepare For The Dental Bank Loan Process

How To Prepare For The Dental Bank Loan Process

In all previous episodes of Start Your Dental Practice, we’ve featured the best and brightest names in the dental industry.

Today, I’m it switching up.

(you’ll find out exactly why at the beginning of today’s episode)

There’s a huge problem with today’s up and coming dental practice owners:

They’re more debt averse than ever before.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing…

But, chances are you’re going to need help from the bank if you want to acquire or start a practice of your own when you complete dental school.

If that’s the case, you probably have a lot of questions about the right (and wrong) way of going about working with the bank – and that’s why I made today’s episode and bonus.

Get today’s bonus guide: How to Successfully Apply for Dental Practice Loans

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • My personal business philosophy on debt (and why you should adopt this thought process)
  • The different reasons why you’ll want a bank loan
  • What kind of loans exist (and the features in each)
  • The moving parts of loans that you need to be educated and aware of
  • My NUMBER 1 takeaway from doing business with the bank

Free Episode Bonus:

In today’s bonus, you’ll get access to the top questions I get asked by readers, students, and my email list around dental banks and the exclusive interviews I held with 6 banks to discover the ins and outs of dental bank loans.

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