Episode 102: Dentistry and Tax Reform On The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Episode 102: Dentistry and Tax Reform On The Dentalpreneur Podcast

Ambitious dentists,

Note: Since the interview was published there have been some updates/changes to the tax code and how it affects dentists. While the episode is still valuable, be sure to check the latest updates for the best picture of the current tax laws and regulations.

Hey ambitious dentists, Jonathan VanHorn here, I hope you have some exciting plans lined up for the holidays and get to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the man, the myth, the legend Dr. Mark Costes himself on the Dentalpreneur Podcast and had a ton of fun.

If you have some spare time while you’re preparing meals or out and about shopping, give the interview a listen.

The episode is reposted with Dr. Costes permission. I hope you enjoy!

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode

I’ve always loved how Dr. Costes is always able to get the best nuggets of wisdom from his guests, and I think our interview turned out pretty great. We cover some of the major implications of the new tax cuts and discuss why they might not be so great for dentists. Worry not, we try and end the interview on a high note!

Dentistry and Tax Reform

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