Episode 71: Disrupting The Dental World With Tiger Safarov

Episode 71: Disrupting The Dental World With Tiger Safarov

Dental. Supplies.

No, I’m not trying to intentionally give you a headache or make your blood pressure immediately rise by mentioning those dreaded words.

But.. if we’re being honest.. It’s no secret that finding the right supplies at the right cost.. In a time efficient manner… is one of the hardest things to do as a dentist.

And we didn’t even mention good quality.

There has been a lot of innovation in the dental space over the years, but I haven’t seen anything quite like what today’s guest is doing, helping dental owners get the best supplies for the cheapest cost.. In just a few clicks.

Today I’m very excited to share my conversation with Tiger Safarov — CEO of Zen Supplies. His story is nothing short of incredible, and I really believe he just might be able to change the way you look at dental supplies when it comes to your practice.

Take Tiger’s Inventory Challenge — He’ll Help You Save Money or You Get 12 months access to ZenSupplies for free. Click here to learn more.  

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • Tiger’s Inspiring Story On How He’s Disrupting The Dentist Industry With His Tech Startup
  • The Quickest Way To Reduce Your Inventory Cost.
  • Why Most Dental Software Doesn’t Have The End Consumer (You) In Mind And How Tiger Hopes To Fix That.
  • The Bad Habits Most Dentist’s Have When It Comes To Purchasing Inventory And How To Fix Them
  • Why The Secrecy Behind Dental Inventory Is Hurting The Community.

And much more.

Free Episode Bonus

A special thanks to Tiger for sticking around and sharing some incredible insight on his mission to change the dental world.

As you heard, Tiger has generously offered to take a look at your some of your most recent invoices — and personally show you how you can reduce your supply costs.

Because he knows SYDP listeners take action he also issued an exclusive SYDP challenge. If he can’t help you reduce your costs.. He’ll give you 12 months of free membership to ZenSupplies.

This is definitely one of those times you want to take action.

You really have nothing to lose.

Click here to learn more about the challenge.


“With Zen Supplies our main driver is to make things as easy as possible for you.” – Tiger Safarov


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Tiger Safarov's Inventory Challenge

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