Ep. 22 – How To Get 40+ New Patients Each Month With Reviews Online

Ep. 22 – How To Get 40+ New Patients Each Month With Reviews Online

There are many ways to get your website ranking higher in dentistry today.

You’ve probably heard plenty of SEO strategies – even some that “break the rules”.

But there’s one method that’s highly underused in the industry…

And that’s getting your patients to do it for you.

Chances are they’re already talking about your dental office – and many potential patients are searching the internet for their next appointment.

Well, by implementing this powerful SEO strategy we’re about to cover, you’ll have a high-converting SEO presence courtesy of your customer.

Showing us how to properly us this strategy to grow your online presence is Dr. Leonard Tau.

Dr. Leonard F. Tau maintains a full time private practice in Northeast Philadelphia focusing on general, cosmetic, reconstructive and implant dentistry.

He’s a wiz when it comes to the patient experience, and is about to show you one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your Google rankings in dentistry today.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • How to get 40-60 new patients to your practice (without taking insurance, charging low fees, or asking for referrals)
  • What happens to your conversions online (PPC and paid ads) when you don’t have reviews
  • How to get patients to leave your a positive (and honest) review
  • Why “reputation management” is the wrong way to approach reviews for your business
  • What sites online matter most for reviews (Dr. Tau stumped me on this, can you guess why?)
  • The “buying cycle” that takes place when a potential client looks for you (and how to avoid being invisible online)
  • What “citations” are and how they help Google (and your patients) to trust you
  • Why most “SEO Experts” are ruining your reputation online (and why you don’t want to pay these people a single cent of your hard earned money)
  • The ONLY question you should ever ask right after your patient has gotten out of the chair and approached the front desk after their appointment
  • The right way to ask your patients to leave you an honest review (even when life gets in the way)
  • The word you want to AVOID when asking for reviews (and the word you should use instead)
  • How to incentivize members on your team to explode reviews for your practice

Free Episode Bonus:

Dr. Tau didn’t want to leave you empty handed.

So, if you’re excited to implement today’s episode in your practice to get more leads with reviews – then you’ll want the bonus Dr. Tau created.

It’s called “Strategies To Get Reviews On The Site That Matters”.

It’s great if you’re going to take action or if you’re going to hand this task to someone in your business who handles marketing.

Click here to download that now.



  • “The best place to hide a body is the second page of Google.” – Dr. Leonard Tau
  • We always overestimate the amount of change that’s going to take place in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10 years.” – Bill Gates


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Bonus Section

Strategies To Get Reviews On The Site That Matters from Dr. Tau

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