Episode 57: Getting Paid: Mastering The Art of Accounts Receivable with Andy Cleveland

Episode 57: Getting Paid: Mastering The Art of Accounts Receivable with Andy Cleveland

Cash. Is. Oxygen.

In order to run a successful practice, not only do you have to provide exceptional service to your patients, you also have to master the art of collecting money.

Here at Dentist Metrics, we talk all about marketing, branding, and getting the most from your staff…  But at the end of the day, collecting on your accounts receivable is what keeps your doors open.

Unfortunately, collecting from your patients, isn’t always easy.

Patients in financial distress. Countless insurance calls. Maybe your new front desk hire makes a mistake.

As way say… running a practice is hard.

But.. time and time again, we see that the most successful practice owners have their ducks in a row.

They know how to collect their money.

Which is why I’m so excited to share my conversation with today’s guest Andy Cleveland. Self proclaimed AR Ninja, Andrew is an accounts receivable consultant who has helped hundreds of practices master the art of collecting money.

In our conversation he shares a ton of tips and tactics on how to make sure you’re getting paid, while staying professional.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • 3 Simple Tricks To Recover Lost Revenue
  • Why Andy got into the dental business.
  • The power of specialization in your business and life.
  • When it’s too late to collect payment…
  • Why filing insurance properly is SO important to your business.
  • Why outsourcing your insurance might make sense for you.
  • The philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • How to use escalation in your language to get paid more
  • The best time to call patients to collect overdue invoices.

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“The dental industry is grossly underserved.” – Andrew Cleveland  


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