Episode 72: How To Achieve Dental Success With Dr. Peter Boulden of BulletProof Dental

Episode 72: How To Achieve Dental Success With Dr. Peter Boulden of BulletProof Dental

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to build a successful dental practice, and ultimately that reason is what keeps you pushing through, even when times get tough.

Somedays you’ll be on top of the world, and others you’ll think about throwing in the towel.

But as they say, the journey is what makes things worth it in the end.

Today, I’m excited to share another conversation I recently had at the Voices of Dentistry event with Dr. Peter Boulden, host of the BulletProof Dental Podcast and owner of several successful practices in Atlanta, Georgia.

Peter has cracked the code on what it takes to building a successful practice, and his optimistic attitude is contagious.

In our conversation we talk about how to stay focused and the best tips and strategies to take your practice to the next level.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • How Peter discovered embezzlement in his practice and what he did to recover.  
  • The power of setting ambitious goals, and why you need to think big.
  • How to deal with naysayers, especially your family and friends.
  • Why you should embrace your mistakes, not hide from them.
  • What Dr. Boulden would do differently if he had to start over today.
  • How to know if you’re “ready” to become a practice owner.And much more…

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“I knew I wanted to be the chief of my own dentistry.” – Dr. Peter Boulden


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