How To Overcome Disasters When Starting Up A Dental Practice with Dr. Jarett Hulse – Ep. 12 – Start Your Dental Practice

How To Overcome Disasters When Starting Up A Dental Practice with Dr. Jarett Hulse – Ep. 12 – Start Your Dental Practice

If you have experience beyond starting your own dental practice, and have been in a practice for some time – then you know the struggles…

Starting and running your own practice isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, to say the least.

Sometimes practice owners out there want it to seem like roses and butterflies, but that just isn’t reality.

You have to have grit.

You have to push through.

And, you have to do a lot of on-the-fly-learning.

The other day I sat down with Dr. Jarett Hulse – who isn’t your average practice owner (you’ll learn why by listening to today’s interview) and he shared EXACTLY what can go wrong in the journey from school to practice owner.

To be honest, I wish every interview could be like this, so it was refreshing…

In fact, we went on for so long that I’m going to split up our chat into two episodes, so be on the lookout for part 2 next week.

I’ve put together my own thoughts in a bonus clip to share how you can overcome adversity in your situation that was inspired by today’s episode. Click here to access that now.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The important lessons Dr. Hulse learned about burnout, and how he evolved as a dentist to avoid it altogether
  • How buying a $5000 TV right after quitting his job, with no clients, and deferring loans, forced Dr. Hulse to figure his career out
  • The economic situation that drove Dr. Hulse from being a dentist in the heart of New York City to choosing middle America as the best place to set up his new venture

Free Episode Bonus:

After hearing today’s episode, I was inspired to share some of my own thoughts about overcoming adversity in any situation.

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Quotes – Click To Share On Twitter:

  • “You have no on to rely on but the people who are selling you stuff.” – Dr. Jarett Hulse
  • “It is not a “do a, b, and c process. It’s “do a, b, c, f, and g” all at the same time.” – Dr Jarett Hulse
  • “You can’t do one thing at a time, and that was a hard thing for me to wrap my brain around.” – Dr. Jarett Hulse
  • “It was seven years out of school before I opened my own practice.” – Dr. Jarett Hulse


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Bonus Section

How To Avoid Dental Practice Disaster

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