Episode 40: Lessons From The Renaissance Man In Dentistry

Episode 40: Lessons From The Renaissance Man In Dentistry

When patients visit the dentist, they are typically there to address dental hygiene.

Nonetheless, studies show that a person’s oral health may have a direct correlation with other potential health issues.

This is but a small part of what today’s guest has discovered (and is heavily advocating for).

Dr. Tom Larkin’s accomplishments go beyond the walls of a dental office.

Grasping on to mentors from the moment he began his journey in dentistry, his knowledge and influence has multiplied and spans across several facets within the dental world.

A true renaissance man in dentistry, Dr. Larkin is the clinical director for Ideal Practices. He is also the founder of OralWellnessCenter.org, which is doing some incredibly fascinating things as far as linking oral systemic health with dentistry. He is also an instructor at Louisville’s School of Dentistry.

If you find the content of today’s show valuable, make sure you download a copy of the bonus. It’s Dr. Tom Larkin’s Health Questionnaire. Get that here.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • How Dr. Larkin balanced the clinical duties of being a medical doctor while being a new business owner during the first six months
  • The number one thing Dr. Larkin did to get “lucky” (and start making a lot of money from the start)
  • The three keys to financial management
  • A skill set that has served Dr. Larkin immensely well in dentistry and consulting
  • The number one problem that Dr. Larkin had when he opened a practice
  • What you never, EVER want to assume when you’re first getting out of dental school
  • Some issues that occur after the acquisition of a new practice that students are not ready for
  • An interesting characteristic about dental practices that typically go up for sale (ignoring this can be a very costly mistake)
  • The two models in dentistry (one of these is the model of the future and has a significant fee-for-service component to it)
  • The impact of the correlation between the location you choose to open your practice and the cost of living in that area

Free Episode Bonus:

If you loved today’s episode, then you’re going to enjoy the bonus I’ve prepared for you.

Just about every dental practice out there focuses solely on dental hygiene. What few people know is the direct correlation between oral health and overall health. As a bonus for today, Dr. Larkin is giving away a copy of his Health Questionnaire that helps educate patients on other potential risks related to their oral health.

Click here to access that now.


  • “There are people that are looking for a dentist that does not exist yet.” – Dr. Tom Larkin


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Dr. Tom Larkin’s Health Questionnaire

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