Episode 39 – Marketing Insight From A Business, Dental Practice, And Franchise Owner

Episode 39 – Marketing Insight From A Business, Dental Practice, And Franchise Owner

Owning a dental practice means you wear many hats (especially when you’re first getting started). As the owner, these are just some of the roles you play:

  • Dentist
  • Personnel Manager
  • Marketing Director

As you fill your dentist chair and get busier, it’s natural to take shortcuts when it comes to certain areas of your business.

But the one thing you always want to make a priority is filling that dental chair.

That’s why today’s guest strongly believes that you should never take shortcuts when it comes to your marketing.

And he has the business portfolio to back it up.

Before becoming a dental practice owner, he owned multiple other businesses, which he bought, built to great heights, and sold.

This gives him a unique perspective that I’m excited for you to hear about today.

Jerry Jones is the owner of Jerry Jones Direct, a company that markets and helps dental practices attract and retain patients. He also owns Wellness Springs Dental, a national franchise of dental practices that is helping people all over the country get started.

If you get value out of today’s show, you’ll want to make sure you check out the bonus. It’s a book called 24 Mistakes To Not Make When Owning A Dental Practice. Get that here.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The most common misconception that new practice owners have
  • How marketing has evolved over the years (and how past stigmas are hurting current practice owners)
  • The average cost to attract a new patient across any media
  • A recommendation to all young dentists that are looking to start their practices or a practice owner who is looking to open an office in a new location
  • Expert advice on how to make the most of your marketing budget
  • A warning you shouldn’t ignore when shopping for a company to build your website (there’s a good chance you’ll lose a lot of money if you ignore this)
  • A powerful way to leverage local press to get free exposure (and become the expert in your area)
  • An ad campaign that was so successful that it caused a scheduling jam
  • What limiting copy is (and why it can be helpful to have in your ads)

Free Episode Bonus:

It’s great to get a different perspective from someone who has owned businesses outside of the dental industry. If you found today’s episode valuable, then you’re sure to get even more out of today’s bonus.

As Jerry mentioned, there are some things you shouldn’t take shortcuts on when it comes to your business, and marketing is one of them. Jerry provides more of his marketing insight, and more, in today’s bonus.

It’s a book called 24 Mistakes To Not Make When Owning a Dental Practice.

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  • “Don’t underestimate what it’s gonna take to fill a practice with new patients.” – Jerry Jones
  • “I’m not a fan of insurance, but I understand it. It is a tool. It can either slice you and bleed you to death, or build an incredible practice.” – Jerry Jones
  • “Diversity of patient base and diversity of patient attractive mechanisms leads to stability. The more diverse your patient base is, the stronger your practice is going to be.” – Jerry Jones
  • “You should not shortcut certain things in business. Marketing is one of those things.” – Jerry Jones


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