Episode 115: The ROI of Ortho With Dr. Amanda Wilson

Episode 115: The ROI of Ortho With Dr. Amanda Wilson

Hey Ambitious Dentists,

Whether you’re fresh out of dental school or have been running your general dental practice for years, you’ve likely at one time considered adding ortho to your practice.

Is it worth it? How do you even go about getting started?

Maybe you’re an orthodontist now, who is looking to get more out of your offering.

Today I’m incredibly excited to sit down with today’s guest Dr. Amanda Wilson, founder of Straight Smile Solutions and orthodontist herself.

Straight Smile Solutions is an ortho consulting firm that helps dentists add ortho to their offerings and improve their current ortho processes.

In today’s interview, we talk about the common misconceptions of ortho, when you should consider adding it to your practice, as well as all the latest ortho best practices.

If you’re currently an orthodontist or run a general practice and are considering adding ortho, you don’t want to miss my interview with Dr. Amanda Wilson.

Here are a few things you’ll learn in today’s episode.

  • Dr. Wilson’s inspiring story of how she went from being an orthodontist to running an orthodontist consulting company as well.
  • How to maximize your ortho production and the common mistakes most dentists make with ortho.
  • What Dr. Wilson learned from practicing during the tech boom and bust and how it affected her practice and future career.
  • The most effective way to sell ortho without being too salesy.
  • How adding ortho can dramatically increase your practice’s revenue when done correctly.
  • The 3 limiting beliefs many dentists have about ortho and how to overcome them.

And much more.

Episode 115: The ROI of Ortho With Dr. Amanda Wilson


It’s really easy to add ortho, but the fact is, are you doing it efficiently? Are you getting the maximum amount of production from it?

Dr. Amanda Wilson

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