Episode 70: Tracking The Right Numbers Effectively With Kevin Rossen

Episode 70: Tracking The Right Numbers Effectively With Kevin Rossen

The tools and software you use to run your practice can either help enable you get more done.. Or make life needlessly complicated.

For dentists, it’s often the latter.

Fortunately, we’ve seen some incredible innovation in the dental tools and software space over the last few years which is why I’m incredibly excited to share my conversation with Kevin Rossen of Divergent Dental, whom I had the chance to sit down with a few weeks ago at the Voices of Dentistry event.

In our quick chat we covered a ton of ground about how to effectively track the numbers in your practice, in a way that doesn’t drive you insane.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • Kevin’s Morning Huddle Method To Instantly Boost Team Productivity
  • The 3 metrics that are essential to track in your practice.
  • Why not all dental software is created equal, and how to choose the right tools.
  • The metrics you should know daily, and the metrics you can “ignore” when starting out.
  • How To Overcome The Barriers To Tracking Certain Metrics (And Increase Staff Buy In)

And much more.

Free Episode Bonus

A special thanks to Kevin for joining the show today. If you build the right systems for your practice, you can effortlessly track the numbers that matter.

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  • “You don’t have to know all your numbers daily. Just the right ones.” –  Kevin Rossen


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