Episode 49: Training Your Front Office Staff With Laura Hatch

September 16, 2016

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Episode 49: Training Your Front Office Staff With Laura Hatch

The one thing that separates the just OK dental practice from the top performing dental practice — is a great front desk.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get this right. New employees come and go. Front desk training is often neglected. There are a million of other things needing your immediate attention.

Yet the reality is, your front desk is often the life of your dental practice. It’s the first touch point for new and old clients alike.

Today’s guest has mastered the art of front desk training, and has helped hundreds of practices improve their bottom line through intensive online front desk training.

Laura Hatch is the founder of Front Office Rocks, an online education training program, designed to help dental practices train their front desk staff. With over 180+ videos it’s one of go to resources if you’re looking to train your front desk staff.

If you enjoyed today’s episode, you’ll love the New Patient Flow Guide from Laura Hatch. Get that here.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • The one thing you should NEVER say when answering the phone.
  • Why most dental practices fail in customer service.
  • The secret to having great staff meetings.
  • How open door communication can make or break your dental practice.
  • Why good dentistry is like a “performance.”
  • The importance of an “always be improving” mindset for your team.
  • How to reduce resistance when implementing new procedures or training.
  • The biggest mistake most front offices make and how to fix it.
  • Why your “numbers” shouldn’t be your main focus.
  • How to get the staff to “buy in” your your dental practice mission.

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“People have more expectations from dental offices than ever before….. You need to remind them why you’re great.” – Laura Hatch


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