What Very Few Dentists Know About Building Wealth with Reese Harper

What Very Few Dentists Know About Building Wealth with Reese Harper

There are many reasons people get into dentistry.

Without a doubt, one of those reasons is the opportunity to make lots of money.

But in order to make lots of money, there’s a cost to pay:

  • Student loans
  • Business startup costs
  • Payroll

Let’s face it…it’s a high price to pay.

So what’s the best way to truly start building wealth?

Well, I’m SUPER excited to bring on today’s guest.

Reese Harper is the founder of DentistAdvisors.com, a financial planning services company specifically for dentists.

He is also the host of The Dentist Money Podcast, which guides you through the financial challenges specific to dentistry.

Reese will shed some light on the greatest misconceptions about wealth, along with some valuable tips to start building your financial portfolio.

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Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • Why you should strongly consider hiring a financial planner
  • A key component to understanding wealth (the majority tend to overlook this critical factor)
  • The first step in financial planning
  • What a Total Term is (this is how wealth should really be measured)
  • The biggest misconceptions about what financial planning is (and what it is NOT)
  • Why financial planning shouldn’t begin until this particular ratio has been figured out (this will help you make sense of what’s going on)
  • Why it’s important for your financial planner to know how to accurately value your dental practice
  • The financial areas you should focus on when you’re getting out of school to prepare you to buy the right practice
  • Who you DON’T want to get financial advice from
  • How to build up your board of advisors

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  • “As a dentist, you need advice in every area. Never think that you don’t need advice. And realize that the cost of good advice goes up over time as you need more of it.” -Reese Harper


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