Ep. 20 – What You Need To Consider When Hiring a CPA For Your Dental Practice

Ep. 20 – What You Need To Consider When Hiring a CPA For Your Dental Practice

There’s a huge issue when it comes to finances that almost every dentist will have to deal with.

And knowing how to handle this can be the difference between saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year…

Or being on the radar of the IRS.

That difference:

Having the right CPA or accountant.

With so many options out there (and sharks wanting your money), it can be intimidating to know the right way to handle your books.

Here are a few things you’ll discover in today’s episode:

  • What you can expect from a dental accountant or dental CPA (and why they exist in the first place)
  • What exactly is (and isn’t) a dental CPA
  • The number 1 reason why you should avoid a “generalist” CPA (that can cost you tons and puts the CPA in a position to NOT communicate with you)
  • Why it’s nearly impossible to decipher a good CPA from a bad CPA
  • The 5 things to consider when you’re looking to hire a CPA for your dental practice
  • Who would you need to know before you get involved with a dental accountant or dental CPA
  • How to avoid getting steered into crazy situations by this specific type of financial predator
  • How they can be a part of your career long-term

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  • “Dentists spend about 15,000 hours learning how to become a dentists, and 0 hours learning to become a business owner.” – Jonathan VanHorn

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