How to Find a Dental Associate (for less than $100)

How to Find a Dental Associate (for less than $100)

Do you know how much it costs to just find a dental associate? (Here’s a hint, it can cost a ton, as much as $30,000)

Here are some of your options:

  • Hire a dental focused headhunter.  (expensive)
  • Put an ad in your state board’s newsletter. (narrow focus)
  • Contact dental schools in your area let them know you have a position open.  (requires time involvement)
  • Use online services such as DDSMatch (still costs money, but cheaper than a headhunter)
  • Or even this Facebook group (free I believe)

So I tried to figure out a way to get some applications in the door, without spending a lot of money.  (But beating the headhunters and corporate practices to the punch)

In this video I teach you how to find a dental associate and get 10 applications for less than $100.  That’s real applications!  Please let me know if you have any questions on the process and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I also mention Rita Zamora and Jeff Gladnick in the video, so here are those links:

WATCH How to find 10 applications for your dental associate position. (For under $100)

Click Here for the List of Dental Schools(It's Free)

Do you have any other ways you look for dental associates?  If so tell us in the comments below.

EDIT (Another option): Dr. David Rice has offered to assist in matching associates with dental practice owners. He keeps an updated list of associates around the country.  (That reaches into the 4,000’s)  You can contact him via his website, or through email at

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